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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about syndication agreements?

Follow these steps to get started. The Syndication Agreement is used when you are providing content to other companies to publish. For example, you author content (articles, music, video) for other companies to republish on their own web sites, stations or magazines for a fee.

What do you need to know about a syndicate loan?

Before entering into a syndicate arrangement, the parties, that is the lenders and the borrower, agree to a contract which designates the structure, rules, and time period of the syndicated loan; this contract forms the underwriting agreement and is similar to a subscription agreement.

What are the covenants in a syndicate agreement?

Some of the select elements which are essential to a syndicate agreement include: There are usually two types of covenants contained in a syndicate agreement: These are covenants inserted into syndicate agreements to ensure borrowers meet the necessary standards, and their primary purpose is to safeguard the interest of the borrower.

Who are the participants in a syndicated loan?

Participants in a Syndicated Loan. Those who participate in loan syndication may vary from one deal to another, but the typical participants include the following: The arranging bank is also known as the lead manager and is mandated by the borrower to organize the funding based on specific agreed terms of the loan.

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