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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a syndicated loan?

A syndicated loan is a loan offered by a group of lenders (called a syndicate) who work together to provide funds for a single borrower. A lead bank is a bank overseeing the arrangement of a loan syndication or securities underwriting, recruiting syndicate members and negotiating terms.

What are the fees for syndication?

Today’s topic is fees. The fees that syndication typically has. We will go through some of those fees, the profits and how those align for the sponsors. Acquisition fee – Typically 1-3% of the purchase price or the asset, often called the “keeping the lights on fee” because it goes to the sponsor.

What is a syndication in real estate?

What do you mean by syndication? A syndication involves investors who invest money to buy or build property. It provides an opportunity for a person to earn high profits by making investments in the commercial real estate business. There are two types of syndications: What is a syndication?

How are syndication costs capitalized on the balance sheet?

From the partnership's perspective, it receives cash from its partner as a capital contribution, pays the syndication costs, and capitalizes those costs as an intangible asset on its balance sheet.

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