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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of the Bleacher Report?

In 2015, Bleacher Report acquired the popular sports-themed Instagram page House of Highlights. In January 2016, Finocchio returned to Bleacher Report as CEO. In October 2016, Bleacher Report launched Gridiron Heights, a cartoon web series featuring satirical portrayals of NFL stars and executives.

When was the Bleacher Report sold to TBS?

Bleacher Report's sale to TBS was announced on August 6, 2012. Under the terms of the deal, Grey, Finocchio, Calacci, and CTO Sam Parnell all assumed official Turner Sports titles while retaining their management responsibilities at Bleacher Report.

Where did the Bleacher Report get its funding?

Bleacher Report announced the completion of a round of Series A funding on the occasion of its public launch in February 2008. The undisclosed sum came from Hillsven Capital, Transcoast Capital, and Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick.

When did Bleacher Report start streaming live sports?

In March 2018, Bleacher Report and Turner Sports launched B/R Live, a subscription video streaming service featuring live broadcasts of several major sports events.

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