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Frequently Asked Questions

Are syndication costs tax deductible?

Syndication costs are treated differently for tax purposes. Unlike organization costs, syndication costs are not eligible for an immediate deduction or amortization, and instead must be capitalized (Regs. Sec. 1. 709-2 (b)).

Are partnership syndication costs deductible?

When a partner pays the syndication costs on behalf of a partnership, as a rule, the partnership is designated as the payer for federal income tax purposes. In respect of Rev. Rul. 81-153 the IRS indicated that no investor could deduct syndication costs paid on behalf or in connection with the acquisition of a partnership interest.

What is syndication and project financing?

Project Financing Mechanisms •Project financing can be done by: a single bank, or through loan syndication (arranging loan from a number of banks/financial institutions) •In both cases, credit appraisal remains identical with focus being the same: determining cash flow generating capacity of the project •However, syndication is ...

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