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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about syndicationpro?

SyndicationPro includes a robust and easy to use Investor CRM, Investor Portal, and Investment Management software to nurture leads, digitize fundraising, and centralize investor relations.

What does it mean to do content syndication?

Content Syndication means republishing the same piece of content -- an article, a video, an infographic, etc. -- on one or more different websites. Publications, big and small, like to syndicate content because it helps them give fresh information to their readers.

Which is the best syndication software to use?

Syndication Pro is an incredibly effective tool. The software manages all of our leads and investors, calculates distributions, has integrated email tools and handles all of our e-signing needs. Customer service is on point and his team have built An incredible Software That will help you raise More $ and Communicate more concisely.

Which is the best investor portal for syndication?

Syndicators are switching from investor portals like IMS to SyndicationPro. SyndicationPro brings in the convenience of ACH Payments on the portal to allow you to make payments and profit distribution on the go.

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