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Frequently Asked Questions

What precisely is meant by syndication TV?

A syndicated show is programming produced and licensed for use by many radio or television stations throughout the U.S. Syndicated shows allow stations the opportunity to provide listeners shows that they could not create themselves or access to nationally-recognized personalities. Syndicated shows are usually offered to one media outlet per market.

What does syndication mean?

syndication noun. organizing into or administering as a syndicate. syndication noun. selling (an article or cartoon) for publication in many magazines or newspapers at the same time. "he received a comfortable income from the syndication of his work".

What is broadcast syndication and how does it work?

Broadcast syndication is the process of selling TV shows and radio shows to various networks and affiliates. There are usually 3 TV syndication types with radio having just one which is the more popular shows being sold to various radio networks and their affiliates.

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