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Frequently Asked Questions

What is participation lending?

Participation loans are lending arrangements that require the involvement of multiple lenders. A loan of this type is often employed when financing through a single entity would place too great a demand on the resources of the lender.

What is a bank participation loan?

Participation loans are loans made by multiple lender to a single borrower. Several banks, for example, might chip in to fund one extremely large loan, with one of the banks taking the role of the "lead bank". This lending institution then recruits other banks to participate and share the risks and profits.

What is a loan participation agreement?

Participation Agreement. The agreement says how banks will reduce risks from loans, divide loan expenses, mention every bank’s interest in the loan and how the loan payments will be distributed. Participation agreements are also used to share assets or benefits to be derived from particular research projects.

What is commercial loan participation?

A participation loan is often used for major projects, such as the development of large commercial real estate holdings. For example, the acquisition of land for a shopping mall, as well as the subsequent construction of the mall, could be financed with this kind of loan.

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