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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between syndicated loan and club loan?

Syndications typically take at least 45 days to wrap up. Clubs are usually done and dusted within a month. Another bonus for companies going the club route for their regular fundraising needs - general corporate purposes, working capital or refinancing - is that there is less reputational risk.

Why do banks Syndicate loans?

Loan syndication, where a group of banks makes a loan jointly to a single borrower, offers several benefits. Syndication allows banks to diversify, expanding their lending to broader geographic areas and industries.

What is a credit union participation loan?

Through loan participation, credit unions with a strong lending portfolio can assist credit unions that experience difficulties putting loans on their books. Loan participation also allows credit unions that specialize in a certain type of loan to share the loan and disburse the risk. It’s a true cooperative strategy.

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