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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a syndication in real estate?

What do you mean by syndication? A syndication involves investors who invest money to buy or build property. It provides an opportunity for a person to earn high profits by making investments in the commercial real estate business. There are two types of syndications: What is a syndication?

How does the sponsor make money from real estate syndication?

Property appreciation and rental income are the two main ways the Sponsor and the Limited Partners make money from real estate syndication. Rental income from a syndicated property is distributed to investors from the Sponsor. This typically occurs on a monthly or quarterly basis according to preset terms.

What are the pros and cons of syndication?

The potential for great opportunities and increased profit while minimizing risk are all great aspects of syndication. However, there are possible drawbacks. Understanding the pros and cons are important for anyone in the financial and business worlds considering the prospect of joining a syndicate.

How many types of syndications are there?

There are two types of syndications: What is a syndication? In simple words, it is a deal between a sponsor and the passive investors. A sponsor on the deal is the person with relevant experience in the field who finds a suitable project for the investor and finalizes the deal.

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