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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a show goes into syndication?

What does it mean when a show goes into syndication? A syndicated program is a program that runs on a different television network than the one on which it was initially broadcast, or a program that was not created for a specific network. Some of the most popular game shows and talk shows in the country are first-run syndication programs.

What does syndication mean?

Syndication is a generic word for outsourcing something. In commercial real estate financings, as well as investment banking, syndication usually means that there is a lead underwriter of a piece of the capital structure who does the "heavy lifting" of determining the value of the asset being financed...

What does syndication mean in real estate?

syndication (or property syndication) is a partnership between several investors in the real estate industry. In order to purchase and manage a property, they combine their skills, resources, and capital. In addition to the syndicator, the sponsor is also known as the sponsor.

What is another word for syndication?

selling (an article or cartoon) for publication in many magazines or newspapers at the same time. Synonyms. syndication. More generic. marketing. merchandising. selling. Noun. organizing into or administering as a syndicate.

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