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Frequently Asked Questions

What does syndication work mean, in terms of real estate?

Real estate syndication (or property syndication) is a partnership between several investors. They combine their skills, resources, and capital to purchase and manage a property they otherwise couldn't afford. There are usually two roles in property syndication: syndicator and investor. The syndicator is also known as the sponsor.

How does investing in real estate syndication work?

A real estate syndication is a group investment whereby investors come together to pool their resources. Through these pooled resources they can invest in larger commercial or residential real estate deals. They can also determine via a real estate LLC operating agreement, if they want to invest in large properties via an LLC with other partners.

What is a real estate syndicator?

Syndicator. The syndicator is the person who initiates the real estate syndication; he/she is the one responsible for finding a property, analyzing it, and managing it. Additionally, in most cases, the syndicator will be the one responsible for finding investors and pooling money towards the project.

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