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Frequently Asked Questions

Why sysyndication Attorneys PLLC?

Syndication Attorneys, PLLC is a growing corporate securities law firm whose purpose is to provide startups and real estate entrepreneurs with the tools they need to raise money from private investors legally, ethically and profitably.

What is real estate syndication and how does it work?

Real estate syndication, at its core, seems relatively simple: a group of investors pools their money together to invest in real estate. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to properly structure your organization, determine compensation structures, and assess your legal and tax obligations.

Do you need a PPM lawyer for real estate syndication?

A PPM lawyer can help you fully assess the tax, liability, and other implications of an LLC, corporation, or limited partnership in your venture. For example: Corporation: in most circumstances, a corporation isn’t the best option for real estate syndication. With a C corporation, you’ll have to deal with double taxation and other issues.

Where can I find information about securities offerings and syndications?

Visit the Library tab where you will find numerous Articles, recorded Teleseminars, Podcasts and FAQs that will answer many of your questions about Securities Offerings and Syndications. Our skilled attorneys give you expert advice on how to structure your companies and split money with U.S. investors and Non-U.S. Investors.

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