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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a syndication deal?

What is a syndication? In simple words, it is a deal between a sponsor and the passive investors. A sponsor on the deal is the person with relevant experience in the field who finds a suitable project for the investor and finalizes the deal. The investor can be an individual or a group.

Are syndication costs tax deductible under Sec 709?

Sec. 709 and the associated regulations deny deductions for partnership organizational expenses and syndication costs. Examples of potential syndication costs include brokerage fees, registration fees, and legal and accounting fees incurred in connection with issuing and marketing of interests in a partnership.

Can a syndication have more than one non accredited investor?

Syndications are not permitted to have more than thirty-five non-accredited investors. In addition, non-accredited investors are required to have sophisticated knowledge of the investment transaction. The individual who raises funds for a syndication is referred to as Issuer.

Do syndication costs reduce the outside basis of a partnership?

Because syndication costs must be capitalized, partners are not required to reduce their outside basis by their shares of the partnership's syndication costs. However, a different result occurs for purposes of Sec. 704 (b).

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