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Frequently Asked Questions

What does syndication mean TV?

In effect syndication is where a television channel buys the rights to air repeats of a show (although it should be noted some syndicated content, particularly during day time is in fact original). The reason the episode numbers matter is because of something called stripped syndication.

What is broadcast syndication?

Broadcast syndication is the process of selling TV shows and radio shows to various networks and affiliates. There are usually 3 TV syndication types with radio having just one which is the more popular shows being sold to various radio networks and their affiliates.

What is radio syndication?

Radio syndication. Some radio programs are also offered on a barter system usually at no charge to the radio station. The system is used for live programming or preproduced programs and include a mixture of ad time sold by the program producer as well as time set aside for the radio station to sell.

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