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Frequently Asked Questions

What is syndicator syndicationpro?

Syndicators are switching from investor portals like IMS to SyndicationPro. SyndicationPro brings in the convenience of ACH Payments on the portal to allow you to make payments and profit distribution on the go.

Why syndicationpro real estate investment management software?

Robust and Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Management Software, Investor CRM and Investor Portal to Increase Your Competitive Edge. What Our Clients Say! We chose SyndicationPro because of the intuitive design, especially when it comes to the investor-facing portal.

How to syndicate to 1000s of sites automatically?

Direct Linking: Direct linking allows you to syndicate to 1000s of sites automatic. Youtube video ID. Youtube video title.

What is the reservation module for in real estate syndication?

Our real estate syndication software has a distributions calculator and you have the option of importing your calculations as well! Using our Reservation Module, you are able to showcase potential opportunities to begin conversations with investors and secure soft commitments.

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