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Frequently Asked Questions

What is syndication in banking?

The essence of syndication is that two or more banks agree to make loans to a borrower on common terms governed by a single agreement. This agreement not only regulates the relationship between the lenders and the borrower but importantly between lenders.

Who are the participants in a syndicated loan?

Participants in a Syndicated Loan. Those who participate in loan syndication may vary from one deal to another, but the typical participants include the following: The arranging bank is also known as the lead manager and is mandated by the borrower to organize the funding based on specific agreed terms of the loan.

What are the risks of a syndicated loan?

Because syndicated loans tend to be much larger than standard bank loans, the risk of even one borrower defaulting could cripple a single lender. Syndicated loans are also used in the leveraged buyout community to fund large corporate takeovers with primarily debt funding.

What is the Loan Syndications and trading association?

The Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) is an established organization within the corporate loan market that seeks to provide resources on loan syndications. It helps to bring together loan market participants, provides market research, and is active in influencing compliance procedures and industry regulations.

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