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Frequently Asked Questions

What is syndicate desk?

Syndicate Desk. Definition - What does Syndicate Desk mean? A syndicate desk is a group of people responsible for researching, marketing and pricing bonds, loans or stocks of companies. The syndicate desk may also be referred to as the syndicate team.

What is a syndicate loan and how does it work?

A syndicate loan is a loan put together by a bank through multiple lenders. They are usually used for larger deals, reducing the individual risk of a creditor by spreading it across several. The syndicate desk is responsible for finding the lenders and determining the terms of the loan by putting together the appropriate market research.

What is the syndication function in finance?

The syndication function can also extend wider to other forms of finance i.e. banks will sell down and risk share trade finance deals (see BAFT MRPA for standard) or real estate finance, FI deals, PXF, project finance basically all types of debt. Looking to Break into the Hedge Fund World?

Who is the best arranger of syndicated loans?

1 J.P. Morgan has held the No. 1 spot as an arranger of syndicated loans for 26 consecutive years. 2 Nearly half of the deals executed across J.P. Morgan are $250 million or less.

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