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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for answering?

Synonyms for answering include replying, responding, retorting, rejoining, acknowledging, reacting, returning, riposting, explaining and resolving. Find more similar ...

How many words are there in answering?

Answering synonyms - 409 Words and Phrases for Answering. 1 n. , v. 2 v. 3 n. , v. adj. , n. 4 # detail , feature respondent adj. 5 # active , open answered responsive adj. More items

What is the synonym of reply?

Synonyms: answer, respond, reply, retort 1. These verbs relate to action taken in return to a stimulus. Answer, respond, and reply, the most general, all mean to speak, write, or act in response: Please answer my question.

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