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Frequently Asked Questions

What does blissfully mean?

Define blissfully. blissfully synonyms, blissfully pronunciation, blissfully translation, English dictionary definition of blissfully. n. 1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy. 2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy. Phrasal Verb: bliss out Slang To go into a state of ecstasy. bliss′ful adj....

What is the opposite of blissful?

Blissful: experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight. Synonyms: chuffed, delighted, glad… Antonyms: displeased, dissatisfied, joyless… Find the right word.

What is the meaning of blissful cat?

a blissful cat who obviously loves being stroked. Synonyms for blissful. chuffed. [ British], delighted, glad, gratified, happy, joyful,

What is another word for blissfully unaware?

blissfully oblivious. blissfully unconscious. fool's paradise. happily oblivious. happily unaware. ignorance is bliss. in happy ignorance. in the dark. utterly unaware.

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