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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is T7 vertebrae located?

T7 (7th Thoracic Vertebra) By: Tim Barclay, PhD. Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017. The T7 vertebra is the seventh thoracic vertebra, found in the middle of the chest between the seventh and eighth pairs of ribs. It plays important roles in the support of the spinal cord, ribcage, and muscles of the chest.

What is T-7A?

T-7A is a Boeing-Saab cooperation, that has lasted the latest decade. The two companies have together designed, developed and built a new Advanced Pilot Training system called T-7A. T-7A is designed in accordance with U.S. Air Force military future fighter and bomber pilot training requirements.

How do you calculate T7 from T4?

T7 is calculated using T4 and T3 uptake and is an estimate of free T4 T7 FT 4 may be estimated indirectly by calculating T 7, which is the product of T 4 x T 3 U. This calculation is an attempt to correct for variations in thyroxine binding proteins.

What does T 7 mean in a thyroid test?

T 7 will usually be elevated in patients with hyperthyroidism and decreased with hypothyroidism. It may be low in patients with nonthyroid illness. Direct measurement of free T 4 is recommended instead of T 7.

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