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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tab?

English Language Learners Definition of tab. (Entry 1 of 2) : a small, flat piece on a box, envelope, etc., that can be put into a hole in order to hold two parts together. : a small, flat piece that sticks out from the edge of something (such as a folder) and allows you to identify and find it easily.

What does the Ctrl+Tab key do?

Pressing the Ctrl+Tab switches between open documents or tabs in the program that is open. Pressing Windows key + Tab shows available open programs in Microsoft Windows. In most programs and computers pressing the Tab key moves between selectable elements.

What is tab noun [c]?

tab noun [C] (SMALL OBJECT) a small piece of paper, metal, etc. that is attached to something larger and is used for giving information, fastening, opening, etc.: Make a file folder for these documents and write " finance " on the tab. Insert Tab A into Slot A and glue, before standing the model upright.

What are the different ways the tab key can be used?

Below is a list of all of the different ways the Tab key can be used on your computer. Indent a line or paragraph of text. Pressing Alt + Tab switches between open program windows on a Microsoft Windows computer. Pressing the Ctrl + Tab switches between open documents or tabs in the program that is open.

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