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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hotel tablets?

A digital replacement for expensive and difficult to clean print compendiums and collateral, hotel tablets offer guests contactless access to services, amenities, dining, and more. With In-Room Tablets, hotel and casino guests can effortlessly access services and amenities—without ever needing physical contact with staff.

What is the best tablet for a guest room?

With two Android options—the 8″ Lenovo Smart Tab M8 and the 10″ Lenovo Smart Tab M10 with Bluetooth speaker dock—there’s a tablet that fits the design of any guest room. Your guest needs a massage after a long day at work?

Who are tablet travel specialists?

They're a well-traveled team with years of experience finding the perfect destinations and hotels, arranging special requests, dealing with hiccups and emergencies, and making sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more about everything our Travel Specialists can do for you.. Does Tablet offer discounts?

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