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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of website is the techworm?

Techworm is an online news media website that covers the latest tech, cybersecurity news, tech tips, and tutorials.

How to fix no audio output driver installed in Windows 10?

In order to fix No Audio Output Drivers Installed error in your Windows 10 PC search for device manager in your windows PC. Look for an audio driver that has SST in it. Right click on it and click update driver.

Is there a Windows 10 fix for no sound?

Since this issue was widespread Microsoft released an official fix for Intel Audio Driver “No Sound” issue. The issue caused by a Windows update was later fixed by another Windows update. The Windows update KB4468550, for Windows 10 version 1809, 1803 and 1709 fixes the above-mentioned issue.

How to download language packs for Windows 10?

From the right-click menu, select Properties. In the window that opens, watch for the System type entry under the System heading. If it says 64-bit operating system, you will need to download the 64-bit language packs while if it says 32-bit operating system, you will need to install the 32-bit language packs.

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