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Frequently Asked Questions

What is temporal arteritis (Ta)?

Temporal arteritis (TA), also called giant cell arteritis (GCA) or cranial arteritis, is a systemic inflammatory vasculitis of medium and large-sized arteries occurring most frequently in adults. TA leads to ischemic optic neuropathy with potentially irreversible vision loss on the affected side with potential contralateral involvement.

What is the role of biopsy in the diagnosis of temporal arteritis?

Arterial biopsy usually confirms the diagnosis of temporal arteritis. Early diagnosis and treatment of polymyalgia rheumatica or temporal arteritis can dramatically improve patients' lives and return them to previous functional status. Corticosteroid therapy provides rapid and dramatic improvement of the clinical features of both conditions.

What are the signs and symptoms of temporal artery dissection?

Temporal artery abnormalities such as tenderness of the superficial artery or decreased pulsation ESR greater than or equal to 50 mm/hr Abnormal artery biopsy, including vasculitis, a predominance of mononuclear cell infiltration or granulomatous inflammation, or multinucleated giant cells.

What is the prevalence of lower extremity arterial involvement in temporal artery disease?

Lower extremity arterial involvement is less common. Extracranial involvement may occur in association with cranial involvement or even in the absence of cranial involvement. Up to 50% of these patients do not have the typical cranial symptoms and have a negative temporal artery biopsy.

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