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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you have a temporal artery biopsy?

Temporal artery biopsy is the primary modality for establishing a diagnosis of giant cell (temporal) arteritis. Giant cell arteritis is a chronic vasculitis affecting medium and large diameter arteries, predominantly in older individuals [ 1,2 ].

What are the possible complications of temporal artery biopsy?

When performed by a trained physician, temporal artery biopsy is a safe procedure. The serious risks of biopsy include injury to the branches of the auriculotemporal or facial nerve,bleeding, wound infection, and hematoma formation.

Who performs temporal artery biopsy?

General, vascular and ophthalmic surgeons are often called upon to perform a temporal artery biopsy in order to help in making the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis. Arranging for an urgent temporal artery biopsy is not always straight-forward logistically with the onus usually on the operating team to arrange for admission to a day-care unit.

How is a temporal artery biopsy performed?

The procedure is typically performed in a minor operating room. After topical and injectable anesthesia, the superficial temporal artery is marked by palpating the pulse or using a Doppler ultrasound, followed by antisepsis and draping.

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