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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible complications of temporal artery biopsy?

When performed by a trained physician, temporal artery biopsy is a safe procedure. The serious risks of biopsy include injury to the branches of the auriculotemporal or facial nerve,bleeding, wound infection, and hematoma formation.

What is inflammation of the temporal artery?

Temporal arteritis, now known as giant cell arteritis, is a form of vasculitis, or blood vessel inflammation. It involves a swelling and thickening of the lining of the artery under the skin on the temple, or side of the head.

What is a bilateral temporal artery biopsy?

A temporal artery biopsy is a medical test in which a health care provider extracts a small sample of tissue from the temporal artery for examination under a microscope for damage and inflammation. ... A temporal artery biopsy is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning the patient returns home the day of the biopsy and will need to make arrangements to be driven home.

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