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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first signs of temporal arteritis?

Temporal arteritis has several symptoms, including: Severe headaches, the most common symptom. Scalp tenderness. Jaw or facial soreness, especially with chewing. Vision changes or distorted vision that's caused by decreased blood flow to the eye. Stroke may occur in less than 5% of patients as a result of decreased blood flow.

What causes temporal artery pain?

The causes of temporal arteritis are not well understood. There is no well-established trigger. One cause may be a faulty immune response; i.e., the body's immune system may “attack” the body. Temporal arteritis often occurs in people who have polymyalgia rheumatica.

What are the risks of temporal artery biopsy (tab)?

When performed by a trained physician, temporal artery biopsy is a safe procedure. The serious risks of biopsy include injury to the branches of the auriculotemporal or facial nerve,bleeding, wound infection, and hematoma formation.

Where is the temporal artery located?

Temporal arteries are blood vessels that are located near your temples. Your arteries may become swollen, narrow, and tender. Over time, the swollen and narrowed temporal arteries cause decreased blood flow to the eyes, face, and brain. The lack of oxygen may result in other serious conditions, such as a stroke, heart attack, or blindness.

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