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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you have a temporal artery biopsy?

Temporal artery biopsy is the primary modality for establishing a diagnosis of giant cell (temporal) arteritis. Giant cell arteritis is a chronic vasculitis affecting medium and large diameter arteries, predominantly in older individuals [ 1,2 ].

What are the possible complications of temporal artery biopsy?

When performed by a trained physician, temporal artery biopsy is a safe procedure. The serious risks of biopsy include injury to the branches of the auriculotemporal or facial nerve,bleeding, wound infection, and hematoma formation.

What is the prognosis for a patient with temporal arteritis?

The outlook for those with temporal arteritis is very good , unless the person has had a loss of vision. If that occurs, the damage generally cannot be reversed. Most complications associated with temporal arteritis are from the use of steroid drugs, not from the disease itself.

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