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What are the definitions of biology?

CELLXPEDITE is a computationally efficient and deterministic approach, one that can be launched by the push of a button. "We call it CELLXPEDITE for its ability to process large volumes of cellular imaging data, thereby accelerating drug screening, and make it open source for use by the neuroscience community.

What are anteromedial aspects of temporal lobes, biology?

The anterior temporal lobe (ATL) is thought to be critical for semantic memory–our knowledge of objects, people, words, and facts. However, there is substantial disagreement over the precise role of the ATL in semantic memory, and there is considerable variability in the anatomic findings that link the ATL with semantic processing.

What are biology terms?

Central Board of Secondary Education has conducted CBSE Term I Biology Exam on December 18, 2021. Students across the country have appeared for the term I examination. Know their reviews. Central Board of Secondary Education has conducted CBSE Term I ...

What is the definition of dorsal in biology?

‘Dorsal’ is the anatomical term that describes the structures located towards the back of the body. Also, it refers to the anatomical structures located at the upper side of the body. Moreover, this term comes from the Latin word for ‘back’, which is “dorsum”.

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