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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for temporal?

Synonyms for Temporal: adj. •chronological (adjective) timed, Chronographic, synchronous, timely, chronological, chronoscopic, Chronologic. •earthy (adjective) base, earthly, mundane, worldly, material, physical, carnal, earthy, secular. n. • agnostic, godless, irreligious, unorthodox, humanism, irreverent, atheist, heretic, rationalist.

What are temporal words?

Temporal words are connectors that help to connect ideas, sentences and stories. In this lesson, you will learn about some temporal words and how to use them to make your sentences better.

What are temporal phrases?

Lesson Summary. Temporal words and phrases are time-related words that move a sentence and story along. They can be words, prepositions, or phrases. Some temporal words can also be prepositions indicating location, such as 'before,' 'by,' 'on,' and 'between.'.

What is the plural of temporal?

The plural form of temporal is temporals.

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