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Frequently Asked Questions

What does temporal duration mean?

Temporal mean. The temporal mean is the arithmetic mean of a series of values over a time period. Assuming equidistant measuring or sampling times, it can be computed as the sum of the values over a period divided by the number of values. A simple moving average can be considered to be a sequence of temporal means over periods of equal duration.

What does temporal mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of Temporal. Temporal: 1. Pertaining to time, limited in time, temporary, or transient. 2. Pertaining to the temple region of the head. The temporal lobe of the brain is located beneath the temple. From the Latin tempus which means both time and the temple of the head.

What is temporal concept?

Temporal concepts indicate how events relate to each other in time. Temporal concepts are some of the most difficult concepts to master because time is abstract and relative. Temporal concepts are comprised of three basic elements: duration, order/sequence, and simultaneity.

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