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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temporal framework?

The foundation of the temporal framework is a novel probability-based temporal consistency model where fine-grained temporal consistency states can be quantitatively measured by probability confidence values.

Are motion metaphors of time temporal frames of reference?

In recent cognitive linguistic work, motion metaphors of time (MOVING EGO vs. MOVING TIME) have been analyzed against the system of temporal frames of reference (e.g., EGO-CENTERED vs. FIELD-BASED).

What is frame of reference (for)?

... A frame of reference (FoR), in the domain of time (t-FoR), comprises three coordinates to 'locate' or fix a temporal entity with respect to another (Zinken, 2010).

What is a vision-based understanding of temporal relations?

A vision-based understanding of temporal relations (adapted from Radden, the one the observer is ‘looking’ at, tomorrow. In other words, tomorrow is the (primary) referential ground, the speaker’s now is the origin of the coordinate system. example, but the present argument should apply also to the day after Tuesday.

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