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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you remove the temporal lobe?

If the left temporal lobe is damaged, your perceptions of language and memory of words are impaired. Personality changes such as loss of libido, loss of sense of humor or sudden religious conversion have been associated with a damaged temporal lobe as well.

How do you stimulate the frontal lobe?

Activities that are beneficial for frontal lobe activity include playing a musical instrument, learning new songs, engaging in sports and games and languages. Learning and speaking foreign languages helps stimulate frontal lobe functioning, according to Sharp Brains.

What can damage to the temporal lobe do?

Language can be affected by temporal lobe damage. Left temporal lesions disturb recognition of words. Right temporal damage can cause a loss of inhibition of talking. The temporal lobes are highly associated with memory skills. Left temporal lesions result in impaired memory for verbal material.

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