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Frequently Asked Questions

What are symptoms of temporal stroke?

The symptoms of temporal arteritis can include: double vision. sudden, permanent loss of vision in one eye. a throbbing headache that’s usually in the temples. fatigue. weakness.

What can cause mild cerebral volume loss?

Normal aging can cause mild cerebral volume loss, according to Alzforum. Cerebral volume loss can also be a sign of developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease, or it may result from conditions experts are not able to detect as of 2015. Religious belief may cause atrophy of the hippocampus, according to Scientific American.

What are the different types of brain atrophy?

At the location of the affected cells, there are the following types of ailments: Cortical atrophy of the brain. ... Diffuse atrophy of the brain. ... Multisystem atrophy of the brain. ... Local atrophy of the 1st degree occurs from mechanical lesions, strokes, focal infections and parasitic inclusions. ... More items...

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