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Frequently Asked Questions

What is temporal lobe epilepsy?

Lucinda had temporal lobe epilepsy. That’s a term you come across a lot when you Google ‘weird seizure experiences’. It refers to epilepsy that originates in the temporal lobes, the parts of brain on either side of our head, behind our ears.

How does John's neurologist diagnose temporal lobe epilepsy?

John's neurologist confirms a diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy through the use of an electroencephalogram, which measures the electrical activity of the brain. He prescribes medications to prevent further epileptic seizures. The brain is made up of four lobes.

Why do temporal lobe seizures cause amnesia?

Because a major function of the temporal lobe is short-term memory, a focal with impaired awareness seizure, and a focal to bilateral seizure can cause amnesia for the period of the seizure, meaning that the seizure may not be remembered.

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