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Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve temporal lobe?

Exercising your cardiovascular system can help temporal lobe function, according to PubMed of the National Institutes of Health 1. Known as aerobic exercise, these exercises can increase attention efficiency, improve executive-control processes and improve cognitive function levels.

What happens if you remove the temporal lobe?

If the left temporal lobe is damaged, your perceptions of language and memory of words are impaired. Personality changes such as loss of libido, loss of sense of humor or sudden religious conversion have been associated with a damaged temporal lobe as well.

What is temporal lobe associated with speech?

The temporal lobe holds the primary auditory cortex , which is important for the processing of semantics in both speech and vision in humans. Wernicke's area , which spans the region between temporal and parietal lobes, plays a key role (in tandem with Broca's area in the frontal lobe) in speech comprehension.

What is the main function of the temporal lobe?

The temporal lobe helps you actually say, "That's a table" out loud instead of just thinking it. Memory: The other major function of the temporal lobe is memory, specifically auditory, olfactory and visual memories.

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