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Frequently Asked Questions

What does temporal resolution stand for?

Temporal resolution ( TR) refers to the discrete resolution of a measurement with respect to time. Often there is a trade-off between the temporal resolution of a measurement and its spatial resolution, due to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

What is the difference between spatial and temporal?

As adjectives the difference between spatial and temporal is that spatial is of or pertaining to space while temporal is of or relating to time or temporal can be of the temples of the head. (chiefly|in the plural) anything temporal or secular; a temporality or temporal can be (skeleton) either of the bones on the side of the skull, near the ears.

What is "time resolution"?

What is "time resolution"? AFAIK, time resolution is most commonly used to refer to the time that a given block represents when converted to the frequency domain. "The short window has a time resolution of 128 samples, while the steady state block has a time resolution of 2048 samples".

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