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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I banned from Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Bans Players For Leaving Matches And Other Reasons Being banned from Ranked mode usually stems from a player leaving a match early, leaving one of the two teams in a match of Halo Infinite short of a player and at a significant disadvantage compared to the enemy team over the course of a given match.

How long do bans last Halo Infinite?

Here’s the length of each ban depending on the number of offenses: 1st offense: 5 minutes ; 2nd offense: 15 minutes ; 3rd offense: 30 minutes ; 4th offense: 1 hour; 5th offense: 3 hours; 6th offense: 16 hours ; Upon the launch of Halo Infinite, it’s not uncommon to experience the occasional game crashes and disconnects. You cannot do much when this happens, but you get multiple chances to correct the issue.

How long is Halo Infinite ranked ban?

The list of ranked ban times in Halo Infinite is: First Ban: Five Minutes Second Ban: 15 Minutes Third Ban: 30 Minutes

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