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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you temporarily disable Instagram?

If you temporary disable your Instagram account, your account data is stored and when you reactivate your account, the data will be restored. When you deactivate your account on Instagram, your account will disappear from everywhere on Instagram.

How can we deactivate Instagram temporarily?

If you simply want to disable your account, you can do so by logging into your Instagram account on the web, opening your profile, clicking "Edit profile" on your page, and selecting "Temporarily disable my account" on the subsequent page. © Jennifer Still/Business Insider You can temporarily deactivate your account instead of deleting it.

How long can I deactivate my Instagram?

You can deactivate your instagram account after completion of 7 days minimum since you last time activate your account. Example :- You deactivated ur a/c on 1–1–18 and u reactivate it on say 10–01–18.Now if u want to again deactivate ur instagram account then u have to wait for 1 week atleast i.e. you can’t deactivate ur a/c before 18–01–18.

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