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Frequently Asked Questions

Are corset piercings permanent?

As permanent piercings. It is possible for the multiple surface wounds that constitute a corset piercing to heal; however, they are unlikely to heal properly. Permanent corset piercings would consist of multiple surface piercings, pierced with jewelry designed for the purpose, and bear all of the healing issues and risks associated with them.

Are nose piercings permanent?

Since piercings are not as permanent as tattoos, the nose piercing could close after some years. For most people, however, the piercing will not close up even after years of not wearing jewelry because the fistula had healed and matured fully.

Can a septum piercing close?

A piercing is a piercing is a can a septum piercing close. It breaks the skin. It is going to hurt. But it is not agonizing. So make sure you are going to someone with decent experience.

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