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Frequently Asked Questions

When was temporary secretary by Paul McCartney released?

The second track on Paul McCartney's second solo album, Temporary Secretary was recorded in the summer of 1979. Its largely atonal vocals and repetitive chorus divided audiences, but encapsulated the experimental nature of McCartney II.

What album is temtemporary Secretary on?

Temporary Secretary is found on the album McCartney II [3 Bonus Tracks] . We do not have any tags for Temporary Secretary lyrics. Why not add your own?

What is Paul McCartney's'temporary secretary'like?

"Temporary Secretary" is a manic, futuristic laser blast with an actual melody simmering underneath. It would be pointless to compare it to anything McCartney had ever done before, and would be equally so to compare it to anyone else as it couldn't possibly be anyone else.

What is temporary secretary on SiIvaGunner?

"Temporary Secretary" started appearing on the SiIvaGunner since May 13, 2017, possibly influenced by the release of "ED REC 100". It's usually used in melody changes. Typically, only either the repeating synthesizer melody or the vocal melody is used. The original comment thread containing the "Jerry Temporary" comment.

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