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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terre?

“Terre” means “Lands” Terre it’s the union between the best ingredients and the strong relationship with each of our “small” producers from our homeland in Italy, and of those we have had the pleasure to meet here in the United States.

What is the meaning of terterre?

terre f (plural terres) earth; soil; land, property (delimited area) Derived terms

Where is Terre restaurant?

And that is exactly what he is hoping to achieve with Terre Restaurant, a Canadian restaurant in Newfoundland-and-Labrador. 1 2 5 W a t e r S t, S t. J o h n ' s, N L A 1 C 5 X 4 Located in the heart of St. John’s at the north east corner of Water and Prescott streets.

What is the sound of nature Terré?

The Sound of Nature Terré stands for ethnical, nature sound instruments from all over the world. We believe we reached the aim, to offer a good instrument for a reliable price. Musical instruments should be available for everybody, aren´t they aetiological for the strengthened networking between our cerebral hemispheres and as well being.

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