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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Terri Ann 123 diet?

The Terri Ann 123 diet is a plan created by a mum-of-four who had tried every diet under the sun. She wanted to create a simple plan which wouldn’t cost a bomb. Terri Ann also wanted to make a diet plan which could be followed alongside family meals.

Who is Terri Ann?

10 years on and 200,000 books later Terri Ann has helped thousands of people across the globe to achieve the body they want in three easy steps. Terri-Ann knows from her own personal struggled that to succeed with weight loss your mind must be focused on first.

What is the 123 diet?

Instead of drinking meal replacement shakes, getting meal deliveries or going hungry, the diet encourages those on the plan to eat wholesome ingredients to make nutritious meals. The simple plan divides the week into three stages, which is why it is called 123.

What will I receive with my 2018 diet plan?

You will receive the 2018 diet plan, as well as expert advice, tutorials, mean plans, newsletters and more. Normal membership will provide over 20 meal plan options for each stage.

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