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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dan Patrick run for lieutenant governor in 2026?

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick delivers his inaugural address after taking the oath of office at the state Capitol in Austin on Jan. 17. Despite previous comments, on Tuesday he talked about another run for lieutenant governor in 2026. Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune

Who are the most powerful politicians in Texas?

He swiftly defeated his challenger in the election, Democratic businessman Mike Collier — securing one of the most powerful positions in Texas politics by a double-digit lead. Patrick, who presides over the Senate, exudes large influence over the policies that come out of the Texas legislature.

What does Patrick's announcement mean for Texas Republicans?

While the 2026 election is over three years away, Patrick’s announcement is particularly notable given the logjam of ambitious Texas Republicans who have been waiting for an open statewide office. That group includes a number of GOP senators in Patrick’s own chamber.

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