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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Chinese tourists return to Thailand in 2023?

BANGKOK, Feb. 2, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Since 8 January 2023when Chinafirst lifted its border controls, Thai businesses and tourism sector have eagerly anticipated the return of Chinese tourists.

What is the history of Thailand?

The history of Thailand is rich and full of interesting stories that span centuries. From the ancient kingdom of Ayutthaya to the modern-day nation of Thailand, Thai culture has evolved through a variety of influences, both domestic and foreign.

How long have people been arrested in Thailand?

Hundreds of people have been arrested or jailed under the rules, some for as long as 43 years. Article 112 of the criminal code, as the law is known, has long been a taboo topic in Thailand and calls for it to be reformed have also led to arrests.

Did Thailand's Police Commissioner apologize for extorting money from Taiwanese actor?

Thailand’s police commissioner apologized Tuesday after seven officers were placed under investigation for allegedly extorting money from a Taiwanese actor who was visiting Bangkok on a holiday.

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