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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the First Infantry Division in World War 2?

Shortly after the German invasion of Poland, beginning World War II in Europe, the 1st Infantry Division, under Major General Walter Short, was moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, on 19 November 1939 where it supported the U.S. Army Infantry School as part of American mobilization preparations.

What are the divisions of the US Army?

Combat troops of the U.S. Army are classified by the weapons and methods used in combat: There were 5 types of divisions: infantry, mountain, armored, airborne, and cavalry. 91 divisions were mobilized during the war: 68 infantry divisions, 1 mountain division, 16 armored divisions, 5 airborne divisions, and 2 cavalry divisions.

What was the Second Infantry Division?

2nd Infantry Division (United Kingdom) The 2nd Infantry Division was a Regular Army infantry division of the British Army, with a long history.

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