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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a season 2 of the Birch on Facebook Watch?

That’s why when it was revealed that Crypt TV was expanding on the monster in a series on Facebook Watch, it made a lot of sense. Now, roughly two years after the first season wrapped with a cliffhanger, the team is back with Season 2 of THE BIRCH. Full disclosure, but this review is based on the first five episodes of the new season.

Who is Rory in ‘the Birch’ season 2?

In the second season of Crypt TV’s THE BIRCH, we follow the new character Rory ( Jordyn DiNatale ), who craves attention and acceptance a year after her father’s death. Her mother is unhelpful, criticizing her at every turn and, for this awkward, lonely, love-starved teenager, she is an easy target for bullies.

Is the Birch season 2 coming to Crypt TV?

On Mach 18, Crypt TV released the trailer for The Birch Season 2, and lemme tell you — it's downright terrifying. As Crypt TV prepares to launch Season 2, the first round of photos from the new episodes has arrived.

How many episodes of the birch are there?

The Birch is a 2019 live-action horror web-series based on the Crypt TV short film The Birch. It is written by J. Casey Modderno, David Aslan and Dylan Mullick, directed by John William Ross and Amy Wang, and released by Facebook Watch. The series aired exclusively on Facebook Watch and consists of fourteen episodes.

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