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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Fureys and what are they famous for?

The Fureys is an Irish folk band that initially performed and recorded as The Fureys & Davey Arthur with family friend Davey Arthur. The name eventually simplified to The Fureys when Arthur no longer performed with them after 1993 (though he returned for a number of recordings until he ha… read more

Who are the Furey Brothers?

Two of the band's singles have been number one hits in Ireland, and two of their albums charted in the United Kingdom. In collaborations with Davey Arthur, they have also been credited as The Fureys and Davey Arthur . Prior to the band's formation, two of the brothers toured as a duo, known simply by their names as Eddie and Finbar Furey. [2]

Who are The Fureys and Davey Arthur?

The Fureys are an Irish folk band who also sometimes record as the The Fureys and Davey Arthur. The Fureys formed in 1978 and consisted initially of four brothers. The band later met Davey Arthur and had their biggest commercial successes working with him.

Who are Finbar & Eddie Furey?

Finbar & Eddie Furey, Musikhalle, Hamburg, in October 1974. The Fureys are an Irish male folk band originally formed in 1974. The group consisted initially of four brothers who grew up in Ballyfermot, Dublin. Eddie, Finbar, Paul and George Furey are of Irish Traveller heritage.

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