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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the good doctor based on true story?

While this particular character and his life are not based on any specific true story, Murphy's savant syndrome is real. According to an Autism Speaks review of the series by Kerry Magro, who is on the autism spectrum, this aspect of the show is well-portrayed in The Good Doctor.

What actor plays the Good Doctor?

Freddie Highmore plays Dr. Shaun Murphy in "The Good Doctor," which has received a full-season order from ABC. ABC/Jack Rowand. Freddie Highmore stresses the word “authenticity” when talking about Dr. Shaun Murphy, the brilliant surgical resident/autistic savant he plays on ABC’s breakout hit “The Good Doctor,” TV’s top-rated new drama.

What is the Good Doctor about?

On the surface, The Good Doctor is a show about residents in a hospital, but at its heart, the series is about people setting aside their differences and working together as a team, something that is incredibly relevant in today's society.

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