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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for the Henry Ford Museum?

The Henry Ford Connect on the App Store This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone. Download THF Connect to transform your visit to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation with audio tours, AR content, an interactive map and more. Unlock stories that cross exhibits with exclusive audio tours from our curators.

Why sign up for the Henry Ford eNewsletters?

Get the latest news from The Henry Ford, including special offers and promotions. When you sign up for our eNewsletters, you enjoy access to exclusive content related to topics of interest to you. 1896 Ford Quadricycle Runabout, First Car Built by... Details Shop Online New gear.

How do I get remote access to henryapps?

Remote access to the Henry Ford Health System network is changing. The old method of downloading a Junos Pulse client will no longer be necessary if you only need access to HenryApps. The new method utilizes the Citrix Receiver to provide faster access to HenryApps applications, such as Epic, CPNG,

Why is the Henry Ford Company in financial crisis?

The Henry Ford is facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the impact of our 16-week closure and reduced operations. Please make a donation today.

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